Benefis Health System


Benefis Health System, a not-for-profit community asset, was named “One of America’s 100 Best Hospitals in 2013” for its commitment to providing the highest level of quality care. We serve nearly 230,000 residents across a 15-county region. Benefis is the largest non-governmental employer in the Great Falls area, with 2,600 employees. Benefis Hospitals has 500 beds (that includes 146 beds in long-term care and 12 beds at Peace Hospice of Montana) and partners with over 250 area physicians. Benefis has been recognized in the top 5 % of hospitals nationwide eight of the last 9 years for its exceptional work in quality care. We provide a wide range of programs and services to help our patients live the best life possible. Our founders' believed in providing good care to all in need, and trusted that this would be accomplished. The Benefis name was derived using Latin root words: "Bene-" meaning good, and "fis-" for faith and trust. It’s these same root words that make up such terms as ‘beneficial’ and ‘confidence’. Benefis has been a trusted provider of care for more than 100 years. And our name speaks to our commitment: good care one can put faith in.

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