Service Line Chief of Cancer Care and Hematology/Oncology Physician 1.0 FTE

Kaiser Permanente
Capitol Hill Medical Center is a multi-specialty medical center with Radiation Oncology on site.
Salaried Based Associate/Shareholder with Comprehensive Benefits Package
May 19, 2021
Jun 18, 2021
Full Time


Kaiser Permanente-Washington Permanente Medical Group is seeking a Full-Time 1.0 FTE  Service Line Chief of Cancer Care(0.5 FTE) and Hematology/Oncology Physician (0.5 FTE) to join our Capitol Hill Campus team in Seattle, Washington.

We are looking for a Hematology/Oncology Physician with leadership experience looking to take on a blended clinician and leadership role here at Kaiser. 

The Service Line Chief will provide the clinical leadership direction, vision, and oversight to build and provide ongoing development for KPWA’s Cancer Program. The Service Line Chief will align WPMG providers, including oncology and all related surgical, medical, and ancillary teams, in the shared vision for advancing quality and services based on evidence-based best practices. The program Service Line Chief will participate in the recruitment and integration of high performing providers, expand services to keep pace with KPWA’s growth strategies, expand clinical programs to provide comprehensive cancer services in a multidisciplinary manner, oversee and participate in brand and marketing activities, ensure world-class patient experience throughout their cancer treatment and into survivorship, and expand clinical research to advance clinical care for our members.


Strategic Direction

  • Develop and integrate a 360-degree cancer care program that would include screening programs for high-risk populations, tracking and management of oncology patients, and development of survivorship programs.
  • Oversight and vision would include all aspects of cancer care including but not limited to screening, medical oncology, surgery, radiation oncology, pharmacy, and genetics.
  • Work with pharmacy and medical review teams to streamline processes for the utilization of new therapies.
  • Develop and/or refine screening and survivorship programs with the integration of APPs into these programs.
  • Develop a clinical research program in conjunction with KPWHRI to fulfill the goals and objectives of the Cancer Program.
  • Participate in the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) to provide KPWA members access to cancer clinical trials.
  • Execute process and plans to allow KPWA to achieve Commission on Cancer accreditation
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures, provide clinical oversight, and provide overall direction of all programs and services associated with KPWA’s Cancer Program.
  • In conjunction with multidisciplinary leadership, develop goals and objectives for the Cancer Program.
  • Provide leadership across multidisciplinary teams to ensure KPWA provides a seamless, integrated, high quality, and high compassion experience for all patients through the journey of screening, diagnosis, treatment, palliation, and/or survivorship of cancer
  • In conjunction with dyad partner, make recommendations regarding staffing levels necessary to fulfill the Cancer Programs goals and objectives.
  • Ensure that patient care is provided in accordance with applicable law and accrediting agency standards to the fullest extent possible.
  • Meet with Care Delivery personnel as required assuring that safe quality care is continuously provided to all patients receiving care through KPWA’s Cancer Program.
  • Participate in risk management programs, specifically as they relate to Cancer Program operations.
  • In conjunction with multidisciplinary stakeholders, develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to ensure the highest possible clinical outcomes, reduce clinical practice variation, and appropriate utilization of resources.
  • Monitor, review, and participate in all quality assurance and professional review of providers relevant to the operation of the Cancer program.
  • Oversee data collection and analysis of oncology outcomes for KPWA
  • Review credentials and qualifications with the appropriate program chief(s) and operational leadership, and make recommendations with respect to providers delivering services as part of KPWA’s Cancer Program.
  • In conjunction with the Medical Director of Operations, assists in supervising, monitoring, and disciplining of providers of the Cancer Program.
  • Participate in inter-regional work with other Permanente Medical Groups (PMGs) when possible and appropriate.

Financial Stewardship

  • Focus on innovative and integrated strategies for optimal financial performance.
  • Define optimal practice environment (tools, processes, equipment, etc.) to promote highly efficient physician practices.
  • Review and monitor all expenses, whether internal or external and work across clinical sites and service areas to develop strategies that reduce overall costs. 
  • Participate and inform complementary efforts in design and contracting as lead by the Health Plan
  • Define the capital needs of the clinical department and program to ensure they have the tools needed to deliver quality care to our patients.
  • Make recommendations regarding operating and capital budgets of the Cancer Program, and review and make recommendations regarding the appropriateness of expenditures for the successful operation of the Cancer Program.

Physician Leadership

  • Advises operational leadership for performance management, especially related to the provision of clinical care
  • Participates in the selection, evaluation, performance improvement, and recognition of providers in their specialty.
  • Provide clinical expertise for peer review, medical specialty review, and unusual occurrence review
  • Review credentials and participate in contracting of network providers.
  • Involve and engage medical staff in efforts to continually improve the delivery of services in their specialty.
  • Promote excellence of clinical support staff in collaboration with the local operational leader.
  • Model and promote excellent patient-centered care within their specialty.


  • Model and promote an effective partnership within KPWA.
  • Work with business and innovation teams to develop new business models for care delivery.
  • Collaborate with other specialties to optimize communication and establish clear referral patterns between teams in order to enhance the quality of care provided to our patients.
  • Include the patients’ voice in the assessment and planning of care delivery.
  • Represent the specialty in various forums to improve the coordination of care, define patient and customer requirements, and promote collaboration in the delivery system.

Operational Excellence and Quality

  • Define systems to make KPWA the best place to work and to receive care.
  • Develop practice guidelines and evidence-based medicine standards.
  • Promote the efficiency of medical practices using process improvement technology.
  • Ensure alignment of operations with specialty standards.
  • Develop projects to promote best clinical or management practices.
  • Advise on issues of staff compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Define clear expectations for workload and work hours, as well as patient-centered scheduling guidelines for the specialty.

Medical Group Brand and Image

  • Actively promote KPWA as the best place to practice and receive care within KP and to the community.
  • Translate and communicate KP mission, vision, and performance to staff.
  • Assist in the implementation of a marketing strategy to publicize our excellent oncology outcomes in KPWA.
  • Celebrate successes, recognize excellence in performance, and communicate accomplishments to build pride.

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